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Wed.May.29,2024 - Tue.Jun.25,2024

A new icon of Dojima

The ONE DOJIMA PROJECT, combining the luxury Four Seasons Hotel and the Brillia brand’s private residences, will be finally completed in May 2024 as a massive complex of 49 floors above ground and one below. The concept of the project is “travel and art.” With a stylish exterior designed to resemble a sailing ship, the tower itself is like a grand-scale sculpture. It is already attracting attention as a new iconic symbol of Dojima, Osaka. In recent years, Brillia has focused on art throughout the brand, promoting a comfortable lifestyle through daily art experiences in its own art galleries and open-call exhibitions. The culmination of such efforts is the ONE DOJIMA PROJECT, in which the entire building was designed as a work of art.

A space brimming with art

Art can also be found inside the building. Approximately 50 works by local and international artists on the theme of “travel and art,” supervised by curator and art critic Fumio Nanjo, are installed in the exterior and residential common areas of the building. Placed in simple, neutral spaces, the artworks integrate harmoniously into everyday scenes and invite new ideas and discoveries. Two public art works installed on the exterior of the building are by Kohei Nawa, a sculptor from Kansai, and Jean-Michel Othoniel, a French artist, both of which will be viewable by the public. An approximately 5-meter sculpture by Nawa, Trans-Mio, is based on the casual pose of an art student holding a tote bag and looking up at the moon in the blue sky at an intersection. The voxel volume and the flowing cloud-like volume coexist in the same space, indicating the parallel relationship between information space and reality, and questioning the reality of its existence for people in the city. Othoniel’s Le Noeud de Babel is a stunning piece of art installed at the entrance of the hotel, featuring countless stainless steel balls intertwined to reflect the surrounding landscape.

Kohei Nawa《Trans-Mio》
Photo by Nobutada OMOTE | Sandwich

Jean-Michel Othoniel 《Le Noeud de Babel》
Photo by Yasushi Ichikawa

Bringing art to Dojima

Dojima has long been a merchants’ district, and today it is also home to a number of unique private shops. Located close to Nakanoshima, it offers great access to Festival Hall and museums. The neighborhood has developed with an emphasis on the arts to capitalize on its unique character. The model chosen for the development of this project is New York, the home of art, where people are highly art-conscious and contemporary artworks are ubiquitous in their daily lives, displayed in their offices and residences. Just like New York City, “ONE DOJIMA PROJECT” was created with the idea of enlivening the Dojima area with art. Get ready to stroll through the city and feel free to stop and enjoy the art.

Kohei Nawa《Trans-Mio》
Photo by Nobutada OMOTE | Sandwich

Artist Profile

Tokyo Tatemono|Brillia

Brillia is the condominium brand of Tokyo Tatemono. Believing that art is essential to a fulfilling life, the brand series continuously develops experiences to connect people with art in their daily lives. Through various art experiences such as in-residence artworks, open-call exhibitions, and the establishment of an art center in Kyobashi, Tokyo, Brillia aims to provide a rich and comfortable lifestyle.



An ultra-high-rise tower complex consisting of the luxury Four Seasons Hotel and Brillia private residences. It will be inaugurated in May 2024 in Dojima, Osaka (the hotel is scheduled to open in August). Under the concept of “travel and art,” Studio Piet Boon supervised the design of the common space, and approximately 50 works of art selected by Fumio Nanjo, curator and art critic, are displayed in the space.

2-4-4 Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka