Creative Quartet / Chihiro Yagyu

Creative Quartet

Wed.May.29,2024 - Tue.Jun.25,2024
8:00 - 23:30 
Osaka sta. premises Rooftop of Bridge Gate 5F Toki-no-hiroba Plaza

When you find your favorite square, When you met under “the gold clock” with excitement, Osaka Station City has made a lot of memories (colors) with you. We hope that you will make colorful and fun memories at Osaka Station, no matter who you’re with, no matter what mood you’re in. In the year of the 150th anniversary of the opening of Osaka Station, we have made a colorful and beautiful space in the plaza of toki-no-hiroba with powerful pop art and lawns that have never been seen before.

location : Toki-no-hiroba Plaza

Spilling flower Art Falling Light and Flowers

Flowers seeping and spreading on a green canvas. At night, when the lights are dimmed, a dazzling prism of light crosses the canvas, spilling out vivid colors. A floral art presentation that changes colorfully over time.

Micro World

During Yagyu’s initial year of junior high school, he fashioned a piece of art sparked by microorganisms observed through a microscope in science class. The artwork depicted a thriving microcosm inhabited by various tiny organisms including water fleas, rotifers, green algae, and volvox. Captivated by these mesmerizing microorganisms, he employed rulers extensively in crafting “Ruler Art,” fashioning a fictional realm. Within this realm, intricate and colorful creatures reminiscent of geometric patterns congregated, evoking a paradisiacal scene.

《Micro World》

Artist Profile

Creative Quartet

Art Creation collaborated by Toho Leo, which produces creative management incorporating renovation, landscape design, and art, Hakuten, which handles communication design through the creation of experiential value, and Mucha-kucha, which produces and manages artists related to "Chanoyu" culture.

Chihiro Yagyu

Chihiro Yagyu, born in 2008, is presently a high school freshman. Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in childhood, Chihiro embarked on his journey as an artist during fourth grade. His talent was recognized when he won an international illustration contest at the age of 9. He specializes in Ruler Art, distinguished by intricate geometric patterns and vibrant hues. Chihiro’s creations are meticulously crafted with a vibrant and joyful palette, aiming to evoke happiness and energy in viewers. 



Osaka sta. premises Rooftop of Bridge Gate
5F Toki-no-hiroba Plaza