Exhibition by Maki Takato

Hopeful monster

Wed.May.29,2024 - Tue.Jun.25,2024
Nankai Namba Station, 2nd Floor Concourse

「Hopeful monster」

What “Hope” has the artist Maki Takato entrusted to the strange collection of objects that have materialized in the concourse of Nankai Namba Station? This performance installation explores the boundaries between human and non-human, nature and technology, and physical and non-physical bodies from a mythological and ethnological perspective. The titular piece, “Hopeful Monster,” arises from the question: “What forms might life take when it’s infused into the dissonance lurking within everyday scenes?” Historically, the Japanese personified emotions like discomfort and fear, and inexplicable phenomena into ‘Yokai’—pop culture characters—and shared them within their communities to build empathetic connections. In this work, the theme of ‘Yokai’ is updated for the modern era, depicting the myth of a woman transforming into a different life form with designs reminiscent of spiders and ants.

Maki Takato《Hopeful Monster RED》


An art piece that originated from a full-scale scan of the artist’s own body, expanded and transformed. This artwork interacts with its surrounding environment, altering its form as if breathing in response to the presence and proximity of viewers. By employing golden paint, it signifies opulence, power, and sanctity, while simultaneously exposing the underlying pretense and transience. Drawing inspiration from ancient Mesoamerican sites and myths, as well as diverse cultures around the world, this colossal head symbolizes the boundary between the everyday and the extraordinary, and the connections between individuals and society. It offers deep insights and sharp critiques of various aspects of modern society.

Maki Takato《GOLD FACE》

“Experience a confrontation and dialogue with oneself”

The “Air Sculpture Series” utilizes fabric balloons that morph with the air, with internal sensors that react to their surroundings, animating monsters that move and change. Born from her experience as a professional dancer, these interactive works evolve with time and space. They encourage viewers to become conscious of their own physicality and to engage in a dialogue with themselves. Unexpected encounters with public art in everyday spaces transform familiar landscapes and provide opportunities for introspection through the art. Embark on a new sensory art experience where you become a part of the artwork.

Maki Takato《Hopeful Monster PINK》

Maki Takato《Hopeful Monster BLACK》

Artist Profile

Maki Takato

Maki Takato is a visual artist and performer with a diverse background spanning professional ballroom dancing, academic studies in performing arts at Central Saint Martins, philosophy at Goldsmiths, University of London, and graduating top of her class from the Royal College of Art in Information Experience Design. Her work is deeply informed by a philosophical and ethnographic approach, exploring the relationship between technology, identity, and the body through various media including spatial, sculptural, and video art. Active in both Japan and the United Kingdom, Maki’s unique interdisciplinary approach has positioned her as a dynamic force in contemporary art.



60-1-5 Nanba, chuo-ku, Osaka City