What is “ Osaka Art & Design ” ?

Osaka Art & Design is a tour-around event where you can visit venues around the city of Osaka to enjoy encountering art and design that you are unfamiliar with.
It is an encounter with works of art that stimulate the imagination and inspire the senses and with design products that seize your mind with functional beauty and primitiveness.
A new movement is beginning in this city, where people are connected through vibrant communication.

2024 Theme.


Individuals with resilient and powerful characters in Osaka, a city full of dynamic vitality and energy, inspire each other and create unexpected chemical reactions (synergies): Direct and penetrating thoughts, liberation from oppression, and solidarity among those who do not shy away from deviation.
The sympathy, or resonance, that transcends the attributes and domains of each individual will create a great wave that will spread across the world as never before.

OAD Navigation

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    Explore social media, websites, and guide maps to find exhibitions and creators that interest you. Remember to check the venue, exhibition period, and event schedule.

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    Exhibitions and events will take place at approximately 50 venues on the day! Follow the OAD logo and visit the exhibition venues to discover wonderful works of art.

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    follow & talk

    You can purchase your favorite work and follow your favorite brands. Some events will offer visitors a chance to interact with creators.

Stamp Rally Campaign

Get a chance to win gorgeous prizes and special offers!

Scan the QR code posted at each exhibition venue and get a stamp. Five stamps will entitle you to one entry in the prize draw.


Osaka Art & Design 2024
May 29 (Wed) - June 25 (Tue), 2024
Umeda / Dojima / Nakanoshima / Temma / Kyomachibori / Minamisemba / Shinsaibashi / Namba etc.
Osaka Art & Design 2024 Executive Committee
Osaka Terminal Building Co., Ltd.,
Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores Co., Ltd.,
Osaka Store of Takashimaya Co., Ltd.,
Hankyu Hanshin Department Stores Inc.,
Nankai Electric Railway Co. Ltd., and
Hankyu Corporation
(Business agent: Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp.)
Umeda 1-chome Area Management
Executive Producer
Content Director
Shinichiro Masui(Code-a-Machine)
Mayumi Matsubara(IN CO.,LTD)
Naoko Tawara / Ai Terada(graf)
hankyu hanshin marketing solutions Inc.
Key Visual Designer
Kenta Shibano